Brandy Mimms

About Me


Brandy “Unique the Deaf Dancer” Mimms was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and lived in Bryant, Arkansas. She is a Deaf dancer, choreographer, teacher, motivational speaker, the founder and director of Listen With Your Eyes Dance Troupe.  Brandy’s passion for dance started as a young child, but her parents did not believe that she could handle herself in a dance class because of her hearing loss.  She never gave up or allowed anyone to stop her from following her dream.  Her journey as a dancer started in the Fall semester of 2013 at the University of Arkansas Little Rock.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance degree. Brandy’s first choreographic work “Category 4” was presented at the American College Dance Association 2017 in Auburn, Alabama. She had the opportunity to perform at the Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival in 2017, 2018, and 2019 in San Francisco, California.

She started her own professional dance company “Listen with Your Dance Troupe “because she would like to share her passion and stories with Deaf and Hearing Communities. She also wanted to build a platform that gives adult trained dancers and choreographers’ opportunities to have a place where they can gain experiences in their dance career. Her company recently had the opportunity to perform at the 2020 Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival virtually. Since the pandemic, Brandy has been appearing over social media as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and motivational speaker. Brandy’s number one dream is to become a well-known Deaf Choreographer and Dancer.



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